Thursday, April 22, 2010

The sky's the limit...

Upload pictures, video, and a google map to show us where you are in the world.......

2010 CIBE Eurasia Internships

Hello and Welcome!

We hope you are excited about the experience you will have abroad this Summer.
We would like to follow your journey: hear about travels, work, friends, funny stories, even when you're bored. We especially would like to hear your impressions of the cultural differences you encounter. And, most certainly: we want to see PHOTOS!

Please put your first post up IMMEDIATELY!
Tell us all who you are, what you study at UM, where you are going, when you will be there and what kind of an internship you have.

We encourage you to correspond with other UM students in your area, so feel free to post your email address (for now, only those I have invited can see this blog). Also, we encourage you to respond to each other's posts.

Once abroad, please post AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, but even more would be great.

We look forward to hearing from you all......