Friday, July 9, 2010

Bilkent Week 7 and 8

Hi all
This week and the week before, I have been doing pretty much the same thing at work. I have already collected articles for research and now I am compiling literature reviews of the articles. I always get excited when I see a UM faculty member cited in the articles.
Last weekend, I went to Istanbul for a wedding, which was cool to see. It was actually quite similar to an American wedding (they were wed at a court which was followed by a reception), but I am assuming that is because the family is not an extremely traditional Turkish family. But, one major difference is that rather than giving the bride and groom a card with a check, the guests bring gold as a gift. The wedding was also neat for me because there were a few UM alum there (mostly Turkish but 1 other American). This weekend I will stay in Ankara and relax, I will not really do anything exciting.
The weather in Turkey this summer is rather unusual because it rains frequently, which is uncommon in June and July. Despite this, it is still warm but I guess it is generally really hot at this time of year.

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  1. The wedding sounded fun and interesting. Glad all is going well.