Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's almost here!

Hello, my name is Emily Reimann. I have just completed my first year at UM. Although I am currently without a major, I am considering Linguistics and possibly Math and/or Computer Science. This summer, I will be interning at Giri┼čim Factoring in Istanbul, Turkey. I am really looking forward to this internship for many reasons. First, I have never been to another continent. This will quickly change because I will be living in the Anatolia, the Asian side of Turkey, and working in Thrace, the European side. Second, I am very interested in experiencing another culture. Third, my previous work experiences are all very similar. This internship is completely different from anything I have ever done, and I'm excited to use the skills I have to be productive in other workplaces.

I depart June 2. It will be my first international flight. My return is scheduled for August 18. The internship itself is from June 7 - August 15. During these 11 weeks I'm hoping also to do some traveling/sight-seeing. Even though it's two weeks away, I'm ready to go! If only my suitcase would pack itself...

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  1. Emily! I just spent the afternoon with Celal and Anjaritta and I met Jason. They are all ready for you and have really taken so much care to ensure that your experience is great. They have emploiyed a buddy system (pqairing you with a Turkish student) so you will not be too isolated at work! And the new living situations in dorms was put in place so you would be around young people, instead of stuck away in a apartment--just the two of you.
    Keep me posted. You will LOVE this city....
    But, make sure you and Joy are careful--it's like any huge place--just be sensible and stick with people when you go out at night etc.