Sunday, May 16, 2010


My name's Ben Charoenwong, and I'm studying Economics, Statistics, and Financial Mathematics at UM. I'll be working at Steelcase in KL with Ishaan in the Finance department. The thing that excites me the most about this program is entering a culture I've never lived in before (though I've stayed in south east Asia before, just not Malaysia.) It'll be a great learning experience, taste Asian food (again! I've missed it so), and also to enter the workforce and learning the practical skills, acquiring priceless tools that will come in handy in dealing with people from this culture, but also the technical tools to excel in any setting.

I am very relieved that the school year has ended. Freshman year was harder than I thought, but one thing's for sure: I love college! Anyway, after finals and moving into my new apartment in AA, I flew to Singapore to visit my family for a bit. We're Thai, though my parents teach in Singapore now. It's changed dramatically. I missed Asia quite a bit. 1. Being the majority again is nice. 2. Food is incredible! But there are some down sides as well: 1. Did not miss the absence of common courtesy (but it's just a cultural difference). 2. Not too fond of the fact that I'm never dry. After I shower, I start sweating immediately.

I'll be leaving for KL June 5th, to settle down there and set up with my friend living in Petaling Jaya. It's quite far from the Steelcase office in Midvalley, but quite manageable. There's the subway I could take to work everyday that drops me off very close to the office. The office is also very close to a big shopping center, hopefully it'll be a very interesting 2 months! I'm looking forward to that, but at the moment I'm also meeting up with old friends who've rendezvoused here in Singapore. It's great to see old friends again. After graduating high school we've dispersed all over the US and the rest of the world (though primarily US).

ANOTHER thing I love about coming back to Asia is that the drinking age is 18. I can legally drink here. Not to say that I'll overindulge of course! For the time being, it is visiting family and friends, and then work will start June 7th. Until then, it's chill time. Singapore's changed a lot since I've last seen it. It's becoming such a "developed" country. The big shopping district, Orchard Road, has been renovated and rejuvenated, with millions of people bustling along it everyday. Everything is so new and grand, and the new malls are posh. They're obviously targeting people with money, mostly teenagers and expats. Unfortunately, most of my friends fall into the latter category, and fall victim to the marketing schemes.

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  1. Thanks, Ben, for this introduction. I am looking forward to hearing more once you get there.