Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to Business!

Things are going fabulously! Turkey is an amazing country. The people, culture, and transportation systems make this city unique. I'm definitely enjoying my time here.

My internship at Girisim has also gotten a lot better. I've been entering checks and invoices into the database. It's fairly tedious, but difficult because of the language shift - the database language is Turkish. I'm learning a lot about the bank and business world, and I'm learning it half way between languages.

I haven't done too much sightseeing since the first weekend I got here. I was sick for about a week with a head cold. This next weekend I plan on doing some more sightseeing around Istanbul. Here are some pictures from my travels thus far:
In front of the Hagia Sophia

Mosque on the bosphorus

Park Plaza, my office building

Joy and I ate a local restaurant

Eating döner. Yummmm!

View from the walkway at Beşiktaş

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  1. Turkey looks awesome! :D seeing these pictures really make me want to visit someday.