Thursday, June 17, 2010

Factoring Stuff

As of working environment:
Before entering the building, you have to pass security scan. You also need a card to pass the gate. Working environment is different. People at the officer just talked across their tables. The office was never quiet. Everybody tends to talk and walk to other's table. The company also provide snack time in the afternoon for workers.

I learned a great deal about factoring company. I now know the general process of how the factoring company serves their clients. Since I am in credit department, I learn what people in credit department actually do (in detailed). I was assigned to read some documents about factoring company both domestically and internationally for first couples of days. Then
I was assigned to sit and learn with one of the credit stuffs. He explained everything about what he does on a daily basis. He showed me the company system that keeps record of the client and the necessary form.


  1. Sounds interesting, Joy. Thanks for sharing. Can you add pictures???

  2. Ok. I will try to add picture next time.