Friday, June 18, 2010

Living life in Istanbul

Hey, I'm a little late on the whole blogging thing, but I've been working in Istanbul at Koc University for about 2 weeks now, and it's pretty cool. First off, the campus is beautiful and surrounded by the vast Belgrade forest. Our dorms are great, the town that we are directly near, Sariyer, is a little conservative fishing town mixed with a rich suburb, which is a very interesting combination. I've been doing some research here with a Turkish professor who got her Masters at Michigan state. We are basically doing a study on how different management styles affect the product development process!

Oh, I've been traveling a bit as well. Aside from going into the old city and Taxim (city center) often, last weekend I went to visit some ancient ruins outside the city of Izmir. I stayed at a cool hostel in the town of Selcuk and from there hiked to Ephesus (well preserved Roman town). Also so some other stuff over there, including going wine tasting with some people I met at the hostel at this village in the mountains called Siringe.

This weekend my roomate (Rauan), another UM kid, and I will be traveling along the Lycian Way to Fetihye, Olundiz, Farala and Katakoy for a mix of Turkey's best beaches and Lycian tombs.

Will upload pictures soon!


  1. Almost forgot, went rooftop bar hopping in Taxim tonight and saw a cool gypsy-rock addition to watching a healthy dose of world cup!

  2. Peter,
    I'm glad it's all going well! Am looking forward to a few pictures....some of you at work, as well as your tarvels would be great!