Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week 2 in KL

It's the second week since I've started work, and everything is going smoothly. Unfortunately, since I'm living and working in the city, the traffic gets horrendous during peak hours in the morning and evening (especially the evening.) The building I work at is connected to the biggest mall in KL, I'll try to upload pictures in another post. I live in Bangsar now, the same area as the office and within walking distance (40 mins I walk to the LRT station and take the shuttle bus.) The train service here is bipolar: one is excellent, the other is terrible. The LRT stands for Light Rail Transport, and is similar to the LRT/MRT system in Singapore and the BTS system in Thailand. It's very convenient, but I don't need to take that to work anymore.

The place I moved into at Bangsar's not the nicest place, but it's a place to stay. Over the weekends I join my friend Ping (also from UM, doing Chemical Engineering). I still haven't had the chance to go around to tour KL much, though I am making plans to visit Genting Highlands in about 2 weeks, and to visit the big shopping malls and districts (usually non-airconned districts).

At work, I'm still doing Accounts Payable, which is an accounting job pretty much. Finance in a firm like this generally means accounting. I've been helping out with entries in Hong Kong and Malaysia, since the office in KL is a Global Shared Service center, it handles and reconsolidates all entries and invoices from/to all of Asia. The next couple of days I'll be helping out in the updating of their accounting program using the Fixed Asset Module, which is pretty interesting since this is something new for both the employees here and me. I'll also be doing General Ledgers, consolidating all entries of transactions and preparing the report to be consolidated in the US, which in turn is published for shareholders to see. I'm going through the protocols of how the information of the web comes to be, and what steps are involved. At the start of the internship I asked for one thing: maximum exposure. So they've done a great job giving me a variety of work. And I always ask for more, and they're usually happy to give, until the point that they run out, then they let go online (like right now) and on facebook/msn and stuff. It's a great experience for me, and I'm trying to take advantage of this opportunity to travel and enjoy Malaysia.

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  1. Ben,

    I'm so glad you are getting the most out of this experience. Can you add any photos to your blog????