Sunday, June 20, 2010

Interesting Istanbul

Life in Istanbul couldn't be better. Working at Girisim Factoring is going extremely well. My work day is long. Every day I get up and leave  the dorm by 7 am. My roommate, Joy, and I walk 15-20 mins to a bus stop where a company service bus picks us up. We then finish the route and drive to Europe (haha, it's weird knowing you live on one continent and work on the other!), which takes about 45-1 hr. We get dropped off across the street from where Joy works - conveniently located next to one of the big malls in Istanbul :). It's also where I get on the metro to finish off my trip to work. I usually arrive between 8:30 and 8:45.

Every day at work, I learn more about business and finance. I use some of the databases to file critical information, checks, invoices, etc., for the company. It's sometimes tedious work, but it's interesting to learn about the factoring process.

The company is very small, approximately 25 people. Because of it's small size I get to know everyone better.  The first week was a little rough; no one knew how to approach me and vice versa. Now they're like my family! Also, my Turkish language skills have gotten so much better. I can understand so much; now I just have to work on my speaking. The office has also loved learning English as well as about the U.S.

My co-workers have also been extremely helpful when it comes to sightseeing. They recommend me sites to see, and they are helping me book bus/train tickets to other cities. Next weekend I am planning on going to Canakkale, where the remains of the city of Troy remain as well as ancient battlefields. I am also planning on traveling to Izmir region, Bodrum, Antalya, Ankara, and Cappadocia.

I haven't yet gone outside of Istanbul. There is so much history in this city! Everywhere you turn there's another building or park that has a story to be told. There's also the clash of modernism. In my history classes,  I always heard that phrase "clash of culutres". It took me a visit here to really grasp what that meant. It truly is a clash. Where there's archaic pottery, there's modern buildings. It's been amazing seeing it in person.

Ozyegin University Dorms. My building is the one straight back from the gate

Mosaic remains from the Great Palace

Obelisk remains from the Hippodrome

Archaeology Museum!

Pottery circa 4500-3200 BC 

 Statue inside the Museum

Me with more statues in the Museum

Some of the shops in the historic district

Spice Bazaar

There aren't just spices there!

Grand Bazaar

Mosque on the Bosphorus

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  1. Great! Thanks so much for filling us in. Love the photos!