Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week 2 in Kuala Lumpur

Having been here for almost 2 weeks now, I'm finally settled into my new environment. The weekdays are pretty much the same routine, but by no means anything less than exciting. I live just a few miles away from work, so I normally take a cab and get to the building by 8:45am. The location of the office could not be better: its connected to the Mid-Valley Mall and Gardens Mall, 2 of the largest malls on this side of the planet. I make it a point to take the long route to the office and pass by as many shops as possible, not to mention the several shows they have going on here as part of the World Cup promotions.
The company I work for, Steelcase, occupies the 26th and 27th stories of this monstrous building, giving me a great view of the city from my desk. Not that I spend all day enjoying it though, I usually get started by 9am and get done by 6pm. My work mostly involves negotiating discounts on the various sales the company makes, as well as auditing different orders and figuring out why they can/cannot be processed. This involves a lot of corresponding with the clients as well. Don't worry, its not as hard as it sounds.
I've not been here for long enough to be able to explore the city after work; its usually dark by the time I get out, and I don't get back home till a lot later thanks to the time I spend wandering about the mall after work (yesterday, I watched the A-team with some fellow interns. Not a bad movie) Socializing around the city is somewhat hard to do at this point, considering how obsessed everyone is with soccer (I mean football) So I normally spend time talking to random strangers at the local restaurants while watching the World Cup, arguing whether player X really deserved that red card or not. The weekends coming up soon, and I'll probably be exploring the city a lot more then.

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  1. Ishaan,
    I'm glad you have settled well into like in KL. The work sounds interesting and the people, friendly. Can you add some pictures? Both of your life in general there and perhaps of you at work?